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Axxon Energy A Company driven by EXCELLENCE

A practical and professional approach backed by extensive engineering and production experience gained over 21 years

Incorporated in 2001 and Proudly Nigerian. Axxon Energy was founded on the philosophy of providing high quality and excellent products/services to clients and customers around the world. With corporate structures in Nigeria, in the United States and Asia, we are positioned to deploy our innovative services and products to the global market. specialising in the supply of manufactured goods and services Worldwide.

The fundamental aim of our organisation is to provide high quality and specialised support for the various activities of our clients.
We offer a wide range of Specialised Services as listed below;

  • Specialist Consultancy for Oil and gas field development Projects
  • Oil & Gas facility engineering
  • Environmental engineering & waste management Services
  • Production of Lubricants (Engine Oil and Grease)
  • Manufacture of Soft Paper products
  • Integrated logistics services
  • Procurement/supply of drilling materials & downhole tools
  • HSSE competence development and certification

We have vast experience in the world of energy, exploration and production engineering, procurement and logistics, This wide ranging experience is available to all of our clients and we can assist in all aspects of your business.

We represent a number of Global Manufacturers for the African markets and we are affiliates to Rushi, Wesco, Tubular Inspection and Petro-King, - details of which are listed under our registered distributor’s page...

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